This is not your father’s Offbeat

Keep an eye out for the new Offbeat….

Big things are afoot in Offbeat-land.  Now focusing on songs from the 60s, the New Offeat is shaking the bushes with a whole new look, a whole new song list, and a whole lot of energy.

Check us out as we play the High Fidelity Throwbacks which will once again rock your world.


Local Gigs in Store for Offbeat

If you haven’t checked out Offbeat lately, you haven’t seen Offbeat!  We have been hard at, learning dozens of new songs, tightening our harmonies, and fine-tuning the sound.

Here are some local listening opportunities…..

Saturday, March 15th, Scooters, Versailles

Saturday, April 5th, Oak Tree, Minster

Saturday, May 10th, Willys, Minster

Saturday, May 17th, Duckfoots, Lakes St. Marys

Hope to see you there!

An Offbeat Roadtrip to Columbus!

Gas up the car, ma!

Offbeat is making it’s first appearance in the Columbus area.  Make the short journey to the Scarlett  and Gray bar on High Street and celebrate the Buckeye win over Indiana with your friends from Offbeat.  The game time has not been set, but Offbeat will kickoff about an hour after the game ends.

Add a little spice in your life – make a fool of yourself in front of people you DON’T know.  That’s good advice……

Offbeat Returns to Minster!

Offbeat will be making it’s first appearance ever at the Oak Tree.  One of my favorite hangouts, the Oaktree is just a mile outside of Minster, nestled up against Lake Loramie.  Expect a big, enthusiastic crowd, as two members of Offbeat hail from Minster, and another works there!  Should be a blast!  Come early and experience some excellent food – then stay late for some excellent offbeat music.